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Holtwood Double Cubbie Hall Bench

Holtwood Double Cubbie Hall Bench

SKU: CH117 CH117A CH117B

36" wide 16" deep 72" tall

Avilablle with Cubbues at top and bottom (#CH117)

Cubbies on top anf flip top on bottom. (#CH117B) OR

Cubbies at top, One row of cubbies and flip top bottom (#CH117A)

Prices are the same for any configuration


Made in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country, each hall tree is individually crafted by Jonas, an Amish gentleman in his woodworking shop on the family farm.  You choose your furniture, then it's built and finished to suit your style.  Complete your look by picking your hardware and panel inlays.


Finished in Any 

STOCK Stain OR Paint Color = $390  

CLICK HERE to see all STOCK colors and other Holtwood Pieces


Finished in Any

Ohio Certified Stain Color = $550

CLICK HERE to see all OCS colors       


Unfinished = $265

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