Our mission



Hi! My name's Kelly Mericle and I run this shop with my family in Aston, PA. We started this store because we believe that everyone deserves to have quality furniture at a fair price.


We've all got that piece of furniture that we glued together or assembled with nothing but an allen wrench and a string of expletives. It does the job, it came at the right price, but you probably need to replace it already. 

At TimberHomeFurnishings.com we know there's a better way to make your house a home. 

We believe furniture can be both sturdy AND good lookin' - and you won't need to take out a second mortgage to make it happen.

From custom Amish pieces, furniture made from reclaimed barnwood or real logs to fine fine modern wood furniture, the pieces in our shop can help you take any room from average to outstanding in no time. 

Plus, because our furniture is hand-crafted  each piece comes with a story - all at the right price.

Timber Home Furnishings Shop Interior
Timber Home Furnishings Shop Exterior